Why Have Your Own Web Site?

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What if your business was open 24hrs per day,

7 days per week, 365 days per year?

What if everybody in the world could visit your company at their convenience?

Wouldn't you be able to sell more? or improve your customer service?

Customers would be able to view your products and services in full colour, browse your price lists and catalogues and request information from you, without you even being there. Time zones become immaterial on the internet, your web site is always open for business.

A web presence will enable you to have the equivalent marketing potential as the largest mega-corporation. Whether you have dealings with customers and clients from overseas, or just your local area it is up to you to decide, how far afield you will let your business take you.

If you use printed material, i.e. brochures, price lists etc. you can alter these, even on a daily basis if required, without the cost and hassle of having everything reprinted.

Company size doesn't matter on the web, you have as much chance of gaining new business as anyone else. Being on the internet shows potential customers that your organisation is professional and forward looking, and at the forefront of modern technologies.

A web site will give you a competitive edge over your competitors who have not yet established their Internet presence.

Any business already trading in a specialist or niche market would quickly benefit from a business web site. A personalised web address i.e. http://www.yourcompany.co.uk/ (for UK-­based companies) or http://www.yourcompany.com/ (for companies looking to a world-wide market) not only looks impressive but tells your customers and potential customers that you are a forward looking company, giving them a convenient way to view your products and services.

PhotoLens will help you in designing and promoting your web site, enabling you to maximise your presence on the World Wide Web.